About Me And YourdevME


Hello Everyone,

I am Vinit Patil ( Founder of yourdev.me ). Very few of you might be reading this page but I am glad that you took a few minutes from your busy schedule to read  about me and yourdev.me.

Who Am I ?

Basically I am teenager and a self learned coder. I am still a learner but I keep on improving my skills every minute.

I also know other programming languages like java, c++, etc But Since I love web development I kept others aside and set web development as my primary skill.

Whats My Motive Behind Starting Yourdev.me ?

Even tough I am still a learner I love to share all that I know with everyone. Therefore I started yourdev.me as a medium for sharing my knowledge with you guys.

Currently yourdev.me  is started just as a blog but I assure you that yourdev.me will not be just a blog.

Want to tell me something ?

It would be great to hear your feedback’s/suggestions. If you want to contact me you can always use the contact us page.


I am working hard Every day ……. Something amazing is about to come !!